Friday, April 14, 2006



I was alerted to an old observation of mine on diet by the death of Linda McCartney. She is a long-time vegetarian, although I must admit I don't know how extreme her particular form of vegetarianism was. She simply was laboring under a major misunderstanding about consciousness and the essential unity of all life, including plant life. All food is something living. All living things are sensitive and conscious, and plants are amazingly aware. Whether you eat an animal or a plant it is the samelevel of awareness that must be extinguished in order for you t be nourished. Anthropocentric philosophical bias towards more similar animal life is a rejection of the value of consciousness of plants.

Anyway a graph of the reduction in the consumption of animal fats in the diet is the exact inverse of the rise in breast cancer in women. I believe that animal fats, like butter and suet are essential in maintaining the health of a woman's breasts which are, after all, mostly animal fat.

Whether it is a requirement for the fat or a reaction to the substitution of vegetable oils, most of which are known to be carcinogenous (like polyunsats and hydrogenated solids--margarine), I can't say. Certainly the death of a 56 year old active woman whose family never had any cancers is pretty curious unless you take this into account.

Vegetarianism isn't doing very good things to dear old Paulie, either... he looks abut ten years older than I, although he is nearly that much younger.

Most people on the more extreme forms of vegism like vegans and fruitarians, don't survive more than about 20 years or so in any sort of reasonable health. It must be hell for their bodies to be deprived of the most basic of human dietary delights, fresh rare meat.