Tuesday, May 09, 2006



There is no benefit whatsoever from such a low fat/high carb diet, it is nutritionally deficient, body destructive and unwise. Humans are carnivores. Mixed diets are very unhealthy. People are not omnivores like pigs and rats, and lack the equipment for such a diet. We have a wide ranging ability to tolerate a large number of edibles, but this is a survival asset, not a directive to eat that way if you have a free choice of nutrients.

There is only one true, inevitable, and defining characteristic which is connected with vegetarians, and that is: They ALL are compulsive liars. ALL opponents of this simple path will attack you and your diet ferociously, and state emphatically that it is "bad" and will "kill you" and "lead to serious deficiencies" and other half-witted utterances. All of us will one day have to deal with the damage that our early high carbohydrate diets have dealt us in our early years.

You are fighting a cultural battle, and your actions are very threatening on an unconscious level to many of your associates. Hang in there, after a while your friends will accept your diet, but it will take a while, and even when they do, they will say things like: "Everyone is different, maybe this works for you, but..." This attitude is properly termed "denial", and you will see a lot of it around you, especially as your body slowly starts to look multi-years younger than your contemporaries.

There are strong social conditioning to what foods you eat, and you should explain how difficult it will be to change. For success you must be completely willing to do whatever it takes to change your body. In order to adopt this diet it will take a lot of will power, and you must make the change permanent.

It matters not what your food "looks like" only whether it is tasty and nourishing. The wonderful thing about the meat diet is that it tastes better and better the longer you are on it. Vegetables disgust your body-consciousness, and so are boring. Meat is the perfect human food, and the body loves it. Especially the fat.

I am sure that you will come down into the size range that I have occupied, in time. As to whether your skin will still fit you, that is another matter, and you may find you have a bit more than is necessary. Although I have some stretch marks from the ballooning at 21, I lost the weight well before my skin had had a chance to adjust, so my skin is not loose.