Tuesday, May 09, 2006



My wife is on 30 to 50 grams of carbs per day, like an Atkins/South Beach/Protein Power. How about restricting the carbs but not eliminating them?

I would be absolutely amazed if she wasn't actually gaining about a quarter to a half pound or more each week with that large a carb intake mixed with the diet. High fat content in a mixed diet seems to be just plain bad. It is a no-veggie diet, and yes, you get the best results in lots of ways if you are strict about it.

The diet is actually a high-fat diet. It usually is considered balanced at around 60-80% of calories from fat. I try to reduce the fat to around 50% (in order to force my body fat levels down below 10%), but it is still in the high-fat category. It is a ZERO-CARB diet, however, and you cannot drink milk, which is a high-carb food. Heavy cream is ok, as is butter and most cheeses. I mostly eat beef. with fresh fish when it is available. I must go to Cairns to get it, and the boats don't go out in bad weather. I also will eat lamb, I especially like the brains. Chooks are ok, too but not all the time. I never eat pork or turkey.

A high fat diet will only support about 15% body fat MAX on a male. This means that you can gorge yourself on fat and lose weight like crazy until your fat level falls to about 15%, at which point you have to start watching the caloric level.

But shouldn't I worry about eating all those meat calories

There is no reason to worry about the amount of meat you feel like eating. Only f you want to go below 10% bodyfat like for a bodybuilding contest do you need to restrict the calories you eat. And the term is 'won't go ABOVE 15% bodyfat'. Remember, the right diet is NOT "low carb". It is only ZERO-carb. that does the job. You are right to note that there are strong social conditioning to what foods you eat, and you should explain how difficult it will be to change. For success you must be completely willing to do whatever it takes to change your body. In order to adopt this diet it will take a lot of will power, and you must make the change permanent.

Can I use salt to flavor my meat?

Salt is a chemical poison and should not be used. The sodium requirements of the body are met with less than one ounce of meat/per day. The skin and kidneys will not secrete salt unless you have an excess in the diet. The body is very good at conserving it. Salt in the sweat is one of the most aging things on the skin, and salt increases the stress on the kidneys. Salt also interferes with the proper metabolism of fats. I have not taken any salt in 40 years. Salt was one of the causes of my grandfather's kidney problems, which was a factor in his early death at 91.

I see no use in potassium supplements, and never heard of anyone needing it. Vitamin C is not harmful, but fresh rare meat has a similar antiscorbitic action. I like C and echinacea for colds and flu. Lecithin is a pure carbohydrate and has no real nutritive value other than the carbs, it is a hype. I would not take it.

Plenty of water is an essential to good health under any dietary regime, although five liters a day could be a bit excessive. Three liters or so is a good thing, but don't force consumption of a large amount of water unless you are ready to spend a large amount of your energy searching for places to take a pee.