Tuesday, May 09, 2006



Most people cannot believe that am 63, they think I am in my forties, and must be an ex-athlete (I didn't start lifting till 55). I still have firm, resilient skin (sun damage seems to have done little to my appearance except on my face), I am a little thicker in my waist for the amount of fat I carry than I would like, but that seems to be one of the more difficult age-related factors to overcome. I am very well-muscled, and have had a friend who judges bodybuiding contests after me for several years now to enter a contest, telling me I could win easily. I would only enter if I could win over all ages, and that is not very likely, there are some seriously huge kids out there. I am 5'-6 3/4" and weigh 158, arms are 15-3/4, chest 42, thighs 23. I am not small by most standards, and have little or no wrinkles on my body. (My wife says I have "nice buns"). SO much for the "bad diet"--I have eaten this way for 40 years.

Speaking of skin, did you know that most of so-called "skin damage" is caused not by sun or age, but insulin? Especially inelasticity, wrinkles and stretch marks. No carbs, no insulin, and my skin looks like a thirty-year old's. This must mean that it has "aged" the equivelant of only 7 years in the last 40. The only stretch marks I have are from my high-carb childhood.

When I was in high school I was 5'7" and weighed 125. Later when I was dancing my weight went to 135. In between, before I found the book on meat and fat, I went up like a balloon to 186 in about 6 months. This so dismayed me that I cut my food way down, but could not get below 150. As soon as I went onto the diet, I dropped to 130-135. I am now far more muscular than ever, and I weigh 165.

If you are still 5'7" (I have shrunk 1/4"), and are not weight training, then your weight at 15% BF should not be much more than 140. My arms are 15-1/2 and my chest 42, waist 32, thighs 23. I figure about 11% bodyfat. Without a lot of work, getting below 12-15% is difficult, but you will definitely get to that percent with no worries, so long as you are strict.

Well. lifting is good as long as you can be very consistent. I workout twice a week, and I started 8 years ago at the age of 55. I figure that there are about 35 or more pounds of muscle on my frame now from the training. I train heavy, but take a lot of rest between workouts, two or three days. The workouts are brief, half hour on the bike and then about one hour lifting. Few people would take me for 63.

When I was in my twenties my pant size was 28. The worst was at 21 after blowing up to 186, when it went to 36, the same as my chest. Totally freaked me out. My father and grandfather were obese, as was my mother and sister. I missed it in my youth due to me dislike for sweets, the only carbs I cared much for was bread. I wish I had never eaten it, either.