Tuesday, May 09, 2006



The problem with "one cup" is it leads to maintaining a taste and desire for such stuff. Like "diet cola" which tastes sweet and thus maintains a desire for sweet things, it is a bad idea for your attempts to retrain your dietary habits. It has NO value nutritionally.

Once you reach puberty, your diet is an integral part of your (learned) social behavior, learned as a child, like everything you do as a human. Change is extremely difficult. This has absolutely NOTHING to do with good nutrition, and in fact, is known to lead to widespread malnutrition in some societies. We have only recently in evolutionary terms gotten to the place where we don't have to spend all of our efforts each day just to get something to eat.

Doctors don't know, and the pseudo-science of nutritionists" developed so recently in historical terms that it is no more than an attempt to explain why we eat what we do, in the spirit of: "Mother must know best". No one wants to believe that the diet they were forced into accepting at mother's knee is bad and unhealthy (especially after resisting it so strenuously in the beginning-almost all kids hate veggies and love meat), so a whole vast enterprise has sprung up to explain about the "food pyramid" or the "four food groups" or the "seven food groups" or some other nonsense. Meanwhile the human population has a diabetes and obesity rate of 40+ percent. Dangerous nonsense. And of course the Agricultural business can't make anything like the money on meat husbandry as it can on the mechanical cultivation of cereal grains, especially now that it can trick you into buying and eating the rubbish along with the digestible part. That industry spends millions of $ convincing you that meat is bad, pasta etc. is good.

You will probably eat what you feel comfortable with, which is what you were raised eating, as I have pointed out, eating is a social thing, and most people don't eat what their bodies like, but what they have decided to eat with their minds (ie: what their mums fed them as kids).