Tuesday, May 09, 2006



Did I tell you that one of the subjects I specialized in was Anthropology?

You should know the so called "Paleolithic diet" is bogus, as described by its various proponents, like Ray Audette. (He has a severe metabolic problem, by the way and is very underfat and undermuscled). This "paleo" diet is actually early neolithic, not Paleolithic, as there is no evidence whatsoever for any vegetable matter being brought into Paleolithic camps as food. Only animal remains have been found associated with Paleolithic camp digs. True, women most likely ate whatever berries etc., they found, on the spot, but he men and the tribe in general ate meat exclusively.

Paleo means "old"; neo, "new". The old stone age, or Paleolithic comprises most of man's history and evolution. It is characterized by tools made of chipped glass of volcanic origin, the best, and sharpest knives, spear and arrow heads known to science (unfortunately they are brittle). The are the tools of hunters. This period is four million years long. The Neolithic, (new stone age) is the age of the beginnings of agriculture, and it begins with the extensive gathering of plants, the breeding of strains with reduced toxins and the tools of this era were ground rather than chipped, and were very inferior.

Your wife will most likely never adopt the diet, women have huge cravings for carbs to keep their fat level high to ensure fertility, it is a side effect of estrogen. In hunter-gatherer societies the men never gather the carb foods except in emergencies, only women do, and the men do the hunting, although a woman will kill game if she finds it. All women's bodies want to be big and fat and fertile. Women are not logical on this diet, and will eat what they learned to eat no matter what. The woman's role inhuman society is to teach the cultural rules to the children, and so they are absolutely fixated on preserving what they think is "the right way".

Basically, there is a lot of bad food advice in this book (Ray Audette’s “Neanderthin”), and I advise you not to follow his recommendations, especially stay away from high carb foods like nuts and fruit (fruit is the absolutely most fattening of all the carb sources. It is high in fructose, an isomer of glucose which is instantly absorbed from the stomach, and makes your blood sugar skyrocket). The Atkins diet is also very flawed. A "fad" diet of the time, it doesn't work very well. Fat loss stops after a short period on it due to the carbs in it.

Man has NEVER (until the last 4000 years in the west) eaten a high carb diet, and I might point out that "berries", which were always gathered in season, are in very short availability periods.

For hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of years, the Eskimo have eaten no carbs in their diet, simply because there were none available. They lived to advanced ages near 100 years if they didn't die from accident or had been exposed to too many bouts of starvation, or developed too heavy an infestation of trichinosis, (common in the meat of arctic bears, wolves and foxes). There is NOTHING wrong with this diet. No matter what anyone says, they are quite simply wrong. Only the Eskimos raised with a zero-carb diet have no damage in those arteries.

I don't care what some idiot (friend or not) who wants to promote a vegetarian diet says, he cannot alter the facts. North American Indians were mostly exclusively meat eaters with only two or three groups cultivating some maize , and one group in Ca who were 50% veggie eaters (a weak tribe which was overrun and extinguished in the eighteenth century). The destruction of the bison herds nearly starved the plains Indians to extinction, as they had no other food.